Why Having a Good Video Marketing Team Will Boost Your Sales

Stefen Smith
In today's market, you need every edge over the competition you can get. When it comes to designing advertisements, it can be tempting to skimp on costs. Although the benefits of great marketing often take time to realize, they can take your business to the next level. Currently, video marketing is the premier format for generating interest both online and off. Here's how a good video team can boost your sales.

Video Marketing Gets Your Point Across Clearly

When you need to demonstrate exactly what you can do for your clients or customers, you need to create video.

While other ad formats are perfectly suitable for less popular mediums like radio and print, having a format that works well on any digital platform is guaranteed to increase your chances of getting noticed.

One key advantage of video is that it allows you to get your message across through multiple senses simultaneously.

Some of the best marketing materials make use of helpful animations or explanatory text to clarify anything that might be ambiguous to a viewer.

You can also use audio creatively to create associations. While making a company jingle is probably the most popular way to do this, there are other ways that don't require as much musicianship or preparation.

Having a simple catchphrase or exclamation can stick in viewers' minds and form lasting memories.

Video Increases Brand Awareness

One of the best things about video marketing is that it's compatible with so many modern devices and platforms. It also carries an inherent credibility.

When viewers see a well-made advertisement or explainer, they understand intuitively that your company is legitimate.

Few failing businesses, after all, focus their time and energy on smart marketing.

Because video campaigns engage so many senses, people may begin to know what your ad is about before it even begins.

Over time, such strong marketing can seem ubiquitous to your target audience, requiring fewer ad dollars to achieve the same result.

A Quality Team Can Create a Quality Product

There are a few places in life where you can afford to cheap out. Marketing isn't one of them.

Customers are often surprisingly keen at detecting the quality of a film shoot. This is probably because high-budget movies and shows are so easily accessible for most people.

Your marketing team therefore needs to have the skills of experienced videographers. A cohesive team can yield incredible results and widespread acclaim, while an inept one can flounder and produce a subpar product.

When you put together the right production team, you can harness the synergy of a group.

Because all individuals are likely to have their own strong areas, making production a group effort allows everyone to do what they're best at while leaving their weak areas to others.

A Healthy Feedback Cycle Is Crucial for Successful Video Marketing

Whenever you put serious time and effort into a business venture, you're bound to develop certain blind spots.

There may be shortcomings in your product that you have grown to overlook because you've spent so much time handling it that you've accepted it completely — faults and all.

If you find this happening to you, don't worry; it's perfectly normal. The solution is receiving quality feedback.

Before you send any marketing material into mainstream circulation, you should try it in front of a few trusted professionals.

In all likelihood, they'll quickly identify a few things that can be tweaked or changed to make things better.

You shouldn't see this as an indication that your project is failing.

In fact, pretty much every project should go through at least a couple of rounds of feedback and edits before circulation.

Your Team Can Tell Direct Your Creative Efforts

Marketing exists at the intersection of art and science. Neither, however, can exist without the other.

While your marketing director may have the perfect strategy for catering to the right crowd, your creative director will need to follow through with an inspiring idea and design.

Though you don't need to designate formal-sounding roles to everyone involved in your video marketing efforts to complete a project, you do need to have a good idea of what everyone is going to be doing. Generally, the roles you should be able to cover are:

  • Marketing, writing, and social media
  • Filming, photography, and animation
  • Data and impact specialist
  • Creative talent

Of these roles, your marketing specialists are arguably the most important.

They figure out exactly who your product or service appeals to and how to get your message across to them. The job of your production and talent staff is to live up to this vision.

After you've created a final product, an impact specialist can sit back and analyze the effect your venture has had on your intended audience.

Good Video Ads Have a Great Return on Investment

You can write an eloquent blog or make a beautiful film, but if you haven't gained any new customers, your advertising efforts have been in vain.

Recent studies have shown that well-orchestrated video marketing campaigns yield a significantly better return on investment than other marketing ventures.

Perhaps more than any other medium, however, they're prone to trends and technological changes that can render some styles more powerful and others obsolete. This is why you need experienced personnel.

Search Engine Optimization Is the Lifeblood of Online Business

If your goal is to direct traffic to your website, a video is worth many blogs.

This is because the developers in charge of search engine algorithms understand that video has an intrinsic power that text just doesn't.

Audiences prefer clicking on simple, well-produced clips because they know that the content will be easy to digest and understand. This is why many searches yield a series of clips with well-matched titles near the top of the browser window.

Boosting your brand isn't easy. If you've been struggling with your video marketing efforts, consider hiring experienced help.

At Seer Production, we take an individual approach to diagnosing our clients' needs and providing the right solutions. We take the guesswork out of advertising so your business can grow confidently. Contact us online today.