What To Look For When Hiring a Graphic Designer for Your Team

Stefen Smith
One of the biggest problems small business owners run into is how to reach their target market. One way to boost your brand's image and take your marketing to the next level is by hiring a graphic designer. We've put together a guide on how to find the best graphic designer for your team.

Why Do You Need a Graphic Designer?

Many businesses need extra help with marketing.

Companies that can leverage graphic design have a competitive edge against other companies.

We've put together three reasons to consider hiring a graphic designer.

To Cultivate Your Brand's Identity

What makes your brand different?

When clients hear your company's name, what do they visualize?

Think about major brands and what you picture when you hear their name. Major companies have iconic logos with signature colors and unique aesthetics.

A graphic designer can take your brand's identity and translate it into a visual design that looks good and stands out.

To Create Your Brand's Story

Every company has a narrative to share. Your brand's story should compel your clients to take action.

One way to make your story more powerful is to add graphics.

Did you know that marketing that includes visuals may be more compelling than telling your clients to invest in your company because you have the skill and experience?

The simplicity of narratives and images are powerful tools.

To Aid in Website Navigation

Without imagery, your website may be overwhelming to potential clients. A well-constructed website includes imagery and text.

Most people follow directions if they have illustrations.

For example, if you have a website full of statistics or other numbers, your clients may not retain the information without an infographic.

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Graphic Designer?

Once you understand the need for hiring a graphic designer, it's time to figure out how to find the best one for your team.

If you have limited experience in graphic design or working with designers, the process may feel overwhelming at first.

Before you begin, take note of what you should look for in a designer.

Experienced and Skilled in Your Market

A potential graphic designer's skills are important to the hiring process.

All designers have experience with design programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, and while a designer needs to be proficient in graphic designs software, there are other skills to look for.

Take a look at the designer's portfolio.

Does he or she have images that appeal to you?

Does their work match your company?

The portfolio should have examples similar to the projects you have in mind. There should be similarities in the past work to your company's needs.

Graphic design experience is important, but it is also important for the designer to experience your market.

Creative Problem Solvers

One of the most important traits graphic designers can bring to the table is their creativity.

A talented designer should be imaginative and able to find inspiration everywhere.

Not only is creativity important to create designs for your company, but creativity can assist in problem-solving.

When you need new visuals for your company, you need a designer who can provide solutions to the problem. Designers create finished products from ideas.

Eager To Learn and Open to Critique

Graphic designers never stop learning. Effective graphic design changes year after year.

Sometimes graphic design styles become trendy, and other times, they may become outdated.

A skilled graphic designer is open to learning new techniques and ideas.

Successful graphic designers tend to be humble and ready to embrace new ideas.

Sometimes, a designer may draft a visual that you have a different idea for. A good designer welcomes your opinion and the opinions of the entire team.

A good candidate would not take criticism personally but would instead accept different opinions and work towards a solution.

How Can You Succeed When Hiring a Graphic Designer?

Be Clear About Your Needs

When hiring a graphic designer, you need to be clear about your expectations and your company's needs.

Many designers have various experiences, but they need to know what you're going to ask of them.

For example, some teams may need someone to create mobile app visuals, whereas others may need to create a logo or visuals for a blog.

Be clear about your team's type of projects and what you expect your new designer to accomplish.

You should include most of these details in the job description.

The more time and effort you put into the job description, the more likely you will find the best candidates.

Offer Benefits and Fair Compensation

The graphic design industry is highly competitive, and if you want the best talent available, you have to pay competitive rates.

Keep in mind that potential hires look for more than salary. They also look for benefits.

Flexible work hours, vacation time, club memberships and other benefits could make your company more appealing.

Ask Your Candidates Questions

Once you narrow down candidates for an interview, you have to decide whether they are the best fit for the job.

Your interview questions will help identify the best candidates.

Ask about their inspirations and how comfortable they are collaborating in a team setting.

If any candidates have experience working on a team already, ask questions about its size and whether they had someone to report to.

You need to know how the designers will handle the concept all the way up to the final project.

Continue to ask questions while looking over the candidate's portfolio.

For example, take a specific project and ask about the designer's role throughout the project, the challenges that he or she faced during its construction, and his or her thoughts on the final result.

When looking for a graphic designer, you need to take into consideration your business's needs and the designer's experience.

Hiring a graphic designer for your team can boost your business's reputation, sales and more.

If you need help with marketing for the sake of your growing business, contact Seer Production to guide you.