The Power of Amazon Testimonials and How To Receive Them

Stefen Smith
Think about the last time you bought something on Amazon and how you made your purchase decision. Chances are that you looked for products with a large number of Amazon testimonials and a high aggregate score. Reviews play a big role in how well products rank, whether Amazon recommends them and whether everyday buyers will choose them. So, how can you get more reviews without running afoul of Amazon’s rules?

Why Amazon Testimonials Are So Important

Most sellers understand that testimonials are crucial for making sales, but many might not understand why.

Knowing why can better inform your strategies to get more reviews for your products.

Amazon Testimonials Attract More Sales

With every new review, buyers become more likely to purchase your product.

In fact, one Business Insider article reports that there is a 65% higher chance of customers choosing a product with even one review than none at all.

To add to this, one-third of buyers won’t even look at a product that hasn’t garnered some positive feedback.

Amazon Testimonials Are the Most Trusted

When buyers look for products online, even if they choose not to purchase via Amazon, the website is often the first place they check for reviews.

The online retail giant employs extensive measures to ensure the continued authenticity of its reviews, and customers know this.

How To Get More Amazon Testimonials

Before you start considering how to get new reviews, it’s important to identify the ways you shouldn’t go about it.

Offering customers an incentive in exchange for a positive review goes against Amazon’s review policies and FTC regulations.

This can lead to fines and Amazon bans, so spend some time familiarizing yourself with what not to do.

Then, consider the following.

1. Add It To Packaging

Add a small card, sticker or note to your product packaging reminding customers to leave a review.

It should only ask for a review, not specifically a positive one.

You may provide incentives for honest reviews, such as a coupon or gift card.

2. Launch a Campaign on Social Media

Only 10% to 20% of your customers will leave a review, but they might share your products on social media.

Some might use a hashtag or even tag the company.

Track these tags and hashtags and ask customers for an honest review.

3. Address Complaints Quickly

Customers who have bad experiences with your product or service will likely share it.

Tackle this early by connecting with them as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Some might change the review to a positive one after this.

Note that it’s unethical to offer the solution in exchange for a positive review.

4. Hire a Reputable Company

Some companies will bring you hundreds of reviews but might violate Amazon and FTC guidelines in the process.

Be sure to hire only reputable companies to get you more reviews for your business and demand transparency.

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