How To Create an Entry Point Offer

Stefen Smith
Is your company’s current entry point offer working for you? If you’re not seeing consistent results, you’re not sure, or —  worst of all — your business doesn’t have an entry offer in place, you could be missing out on untold numbers of new customers.

If you’re like most business owners, you understand the importance of targeted advertising and quality brand marketing. You probably invest a lot of time and energy into driving traffic to your company’s website.

Without a strong entry offer, however, you’re likely converting only a tiny fraction of those website visitors into paying customers. To get the most from your marketing efforts and consistently increase the size of your customer base, you need to learn how to create an entry offer that gets results.

What Is An Entry Point Offer?

An entry offer is typically some service or product that’s provided at such a good value or discounted price that visitors can’t resist the offer.

It allows potential customers to get a small taste of what your company can do for them without these prospects having to make any significant investment of time or money.

A free 30-day trial or 70% off your first order are examples of entry offers.

Your company likely won’t make a profit from entry offers themselves. You may even take a loss on them.

The purpose of the entry offer is to convert a prospective buyer into a satisfied customer. Once a person buys something from your business, no matter how small, a critical shift in psychology occurs.

It then takes much less effort for you to sell your main products or services to this person. Furthermore, an entry offer allows you to build a customer list, which is one of the most valuable assets your business can acquire.

How Do You Create a Compelling Entry Point Offer?

By converting more visitors into customers, a great entry offer can generate additional sales without necessarily creating more site traffic.

That said, these offers only work if they lead to both an entry sale and a great customer experience.

These tips can help you devise a successful entry offer.

Offer Real Value

The best entry offers are irresistible to prospective buyers, usually because they offer a bargain or discount that is too good to pass up.

While your entry offer shouldn’t mean an enormous loss for your business, it must have real value for your target customers. The higher the potential value, the more likely a visitor is to take the deal.

Don’t confuse an entry offer with a lead magnet.

In web marketing lingo, a lead magnet is something of value that you offer site visitors for free in exchange for their contact information.

Some examples include receiving a 10% off code when you sign up for emails or obtaining the results of a quiz or assessment only after providing your email address.

Lead magnets convert visitors into sales leads, not necessarily into customers. A good entry offer requires a more valuable exchange.

Connect the Entry Point to Your Core Offer

A successful entry offer should be logically connected to your business’s core offers — the main products or services that you sell.

A good way to create an entry offer is to try to break a core offer into smaller parts.

You can offer customers one of these smaller parts at a steeply discounted price, which allows buyers to get a small taste of what your company can do for them without making a big commitment.

Create a Light Bulb Moment

In many cases, the difference between a prospective buyer leaving your site or making another purchase has little to do with the quality of your product or services and a lot to do with the potential customer's state of mind and beliefs about essential needs.

If possible, your entry offer should encourage a prospective buyer to have a light bulb moment — a sudden realization that he or she has a problem that your products or services can solve.

In other words, you want that buyer to go from being doubtful and undecided about your brand to becoming convinced your brand is exactly what this prospect has been searching for.

Your entry point offer should provide a temporary solution to the customer’s problem, while your core offer can provide a more permanent fix.

Focus On Customer Experience

One of the key benefits of a great entry offer is that it gives customers a chance to sample what a great experience they can have by buying your products or services. Consequently, focus your entry offer efforts on ensuring that buyers have an outstanding encounter with your company.

Make the event memorable and try to capitalize on the buyer’s excitement.

Ideally, the entry offer experience should take longer than 10 minutes, so the customer has a chance to feel fully invested in your brand and the solutions you offer.

Don’t Attempt the Impossible

While the best entry offers are extremely customer-oriented, don’t forget about your team. An effective entry offer shouldn’t put an undue strain on production or your finances.

For example, don’t offer a free 30-minute, one-on-one consultation that drains your resources without generating any money. If possible, try to automate the production and delivery of your entry point proposal.

Create Your Ultimate Entry Offer

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