How Can You Get More High-Quality Qualified Leads?

Qualified leads aren’t just pursuits for your sales departments. Leads are just as important to your marketing efforts, as you are spending a considerable amount of time and money looking for conversions. Incoming leads fall into two categories, qualified or unqualified, and these are not equal. Some of the interest generated during your social media or marketing campaign won’t be serious enough to make a purchase, which could mean it isn’t worth your time to pursue. Separating the potential customers from the lack of promise to purchase allows you to direct your attention to where the greatest opportunities lie. This means going after high-quality qualified leads.

What’s So Important About Qualified Leads?

Digital marketing strategies can reach a much bigger audience than traditional marketing and cold calling strategies, but this process can actually present you with a lot of extra work that won’t have a good return on investment.

The money you spend cultivating interest in your brand should turn a favorable impact on your revenue stream.

Your efforts should produce conversions or sales, rather than cause a mountain of paperwork to sift through. This is the problem with unqualified leads.

Leads are considered contacts with potential consumers. These prospects have already been determined to be a good fit for the company’s product or services, but not all of the contacts will convert into future clients.

This is what separates a qualified lead from one that is unqualified. Though a sales team can tackle the job of working prospects into purchasers, digital marketing efforts can filter through the leads to produce more quality for follow-up.

For example, having a “request more information” button on a car dealer website may yield plenty of interest, but mostly from people who aren’t able to afford the model they are looking at.

What Can Bring in More Qualified Leads?

As you contemplate your marketing strategy, the question becomes, how can you make your process better to deliver more than just qualified leads?

Your current situation is not hopeless, but if you are experiencing difficulties with engagement and conversion from your target market, there is definitely room for improvement.

There are several great strategies that can help your message become more focused and drive high-quality prospects to your product or services.

In-Depth Research

Before executing any kind of lead generation campaign, you need a firm grasp of what you are hoping to accomplish.

This means using the SMART goal process to clearly set a collaborative objective between the different areas of your company, particularly between sales and marketing.

You also need to know what the competitors are doing that could be taking potential prospects away from your site. You should also be realistic about what your budget will allow in order for your strategy to be effective.


Social media users like and share infographics more than any other content, and studies have shown s a 12% site traffic increase once infographics were used.

Blog posts or articles that are text-heavy can bog down a user, but these also don’t work well for visual learners. Infographics allow you to appeal to more people across different preferences. Infographics can also clarify complex information or bring a current, new twist to old content.

This content can create more meaningful, engagement opportunities across social media channels, boosting your overall reach with qualified leads who are now educated about your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Your brand needs to attract the right attention when appearing in a search engine, as eCommerce is one of the predominant forms of purchasing for today’s consumers.

The chances are good that a consumer looking to make a purchase is researching possible options through a search engine, and you need to make sure your brand ranks highly in these searches.

The closing rate for SEO leads is much higher and often more reliable than direct mail or print advertising. To improve SEO, make a full analysis of your keyword usage, create strong links, produce relevant and fresh content, and optimize your pages to address what buyers are looking for.


To really get an understanding of what qualified leads look like, you need the help of analytics. Gathering data and analyzing a broad range of details can help you figure out what is working and what isn’t.

Analytics can be used across your entire marketing platform to drive understanding of what channels are providing the highest conversions rates with the highest quality leads.

You can find out where web traffic is coming from, what content creates the most engagement and what actions users are taking on your website.

Repurposed Content

Your brand should have a unique message and look, and where you started with your internet presence may be distant from where your company is now.

What seemed to work while getting things up and running may now be outdated and out of tune with the growth and development of your company. It could also be out of touch with your target consumers.

By recycling your old content, you can save time on outreach efforts while still delivering a concise narrative about your brand.

Turn old blog posts into content optimized for social media platforms. You can also create visual content (like a video, infographic or eBook) from your materials.

What Can You Do About Getting More Qualified Leads?

With so many ideas for changing your marketing strategy, it is OK to feel a little overwhelmed and out of your element.

Running a business is hard enough; trying to figure out things like SEO or infographics can be frustrating and intimidating.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about getting high-quality leads on your own.

Using a third party to help define your brand’s message and grab the attention of potential consumers is a winning solution for small businesses.

Our Efforts for Your Qualified Leads

At Seer Production, our job is to help your narrow down your audience, deliver a succinct brand message and engage prospects with high-quality content.

The end results are less stress for you, greater longevity with brand awareness and a noticeable increase in highly qualified leads.

Let our team help you take the uncertainty out of your marketing strategy. Book us now!