How Amazon Testimonials Identify Customer Needs

By: Stefen Smith
Taking a closer look at the reviews or testimonials published on Amazon product detail pages can help small business owners and digital marketing professionals identify customer needs. Reviewers often reveal their own priorities, and prospective customers are likely to have some of the same needs. Learn more about what you can learn from Amazon testimonials for products you sell and similar products sold by competitors.

Testimonials Often Identify Customer Needs

Testimonials and reviews often refer to the top priorities of customers who have purchased a product and feel the need to leave feedback. The following needs motivate most purchases:

  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Quality

Most customers seek products at prices they can afford that are relatively easy to acquire.

Product design can set certain items apart from competing products in terms of appearance, usefulness or quality.

Reviews and testimonials may also mention higher-order elements of value.

By looking over testimonials of products you have for sale or products sold by competitors, you can determine the primary needs that motivate purchases of particular items.

Seer Productions helps brands and sellers identify and address the needs of customers through product information, messaging and marketing.

What To Look For in Amazon Testimonials

While Amazon does not permit brands and sellers to quote testimonials or reviews on product detail pages in titles, descriptions or images,

it is a good idea to use the information expressed in feedback from satisfied customers to improve the accuracy and relevance of product detail pages.

If testimonials mention the affordability or value of a particular product, praise the design in terms of features or quality, or address any other relevant needs, a brand or seller can look for ways to organically include this information on a product detail page.

Any accurate information about a product that reflects typical customer experiences can be mentioned on a product detail page.

The Best Way To Identify Customer Needs

Many testimonials and reviews point out the pros and cons of products.

A brand or seller should pay attention to positive, neutral and negative aspects of customer feedback.

Product redesigns are good opportunities to mitigate or resolve the drawbacks of a product to better satisfy customers' needs.

Brands and sellers on Amazon should pay close attention to reviews with fewer than five stars.

Four-, three- and two-star reviews can offer the best indications of whether a product meets customers’ needs.

Three- and four-star reviews are particularly useful for indicating what is good about a product as well as any ways in which it falls short.

Two- and one-star reviews are also significant, as these reviews indicate that most or all of the expectations or needs of customers were unmet.

Amazon testimonials may directly or indirectly identify customer needs in ways that are useful for small business owners or decision-makers at larger enterprises.

While sellers cannot include reviews, quotes or testimonials on Amazon product detail pages,

Seer Productions can recommend ways to use testimonials to better anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers.