A Deeper Understanding of a Marketing Qualified Lead

Stefen Smith
Whenever your business teams and employees work together, you can increase your success in converting new prospects into loyal consumers who commit to your brand and buy into your message. With a sales and marking team that work hand in hand, you maximize your company resources for the biggest return on growth. To ensure growth happens quickly, focus on developing a strong approach to each marketing qualified lead.

Defining a Marketing Qualified Lead

Your marketing efforts may produce a lot of results, but only some of them will have strong potential to convert to a customer. A lead that is more likely to convert is labeled an MQL.

A number of different factors may be considered when determining the conversion potential.

These could include which call to action was clicked, how long the lead spent on a specific webpage or whether any content offers or resources were downloaded.

An MQL is a high-level opportunity for sales, as the marketing team determines if there is enough genuine interest on the part of the consumer to attempt to reach out and make the conversion.

The end goal of an MQL is an SQL, or sales-qualified lead.

Marking a Lead as an MQL

Your digital marketing strategy isn’t the only way to attract qualified marketing leads, but it can be one of the easier ways to track potential conversions. Marketing efforts to develop leads can include:

  • In-person events
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Web pages
  • Subscriptions
  • Ads or content offers

With each element, there needs to be a way to collect engagement data, and if at all possible, contact information for the prospects.

Without this information, your marketing team won’t be able to move through the responses or the interest to gauge whether any high-quality leads exist.

Though there should be a partnership between the sales and marketing team concerning the criteria for a marketing qualified lead, the marketing team is the first stop on the funnel into conversion.

Define Leads

To start sorting through the leads, there needs to be an agreed-upon definition for leads.

Things to isolate could include the demographic, pain or need points for a person or the type of marketing content used.

Lead definitions can change as your business grows and as your target buyer persona evolves.

Determine Growth Areas

As your teams start to become familiar with MQLs and the way the lead funnel works, plan specific meeting times to revisit the marketing strategies.

Collaborating with the sales team can provide insight into what the consumers are saying when they accept or reject the conversion efforts, and it can illuminate which content might have the strongest pull on prospects.

The sales team should have a new level of feedback and insight that can help the marketing team modify their efforts going forward.

Growing Your Marketing Qualified Lead List

For many business owners, bringing in a team of industry experts is the best way to grow their marketing efforts and develop a strong marketing qualified lead list.

With Seer Productions, you can get a more focused perspective on your target audience and control and adjust your message to address their critical needs.

This engagement can help funnel more prospects into conversions, growing your business by leaps and bounds.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.