5 Ways Good Graphic Design Can Help Grow Your Business

By: Stefen Smith
Graphic design combines images, typefaces and other visual elements to represent a brand and create product packaging that stands out. Companies should work with design professionals who have experience creating logos for web and print use, laying out package designs, and building a website designed to drive up sales. Find out more about five ways Seer Production uses good graphical design to grow businesses.

1. Graphic Design Is Essential to Branding

There are many opportunities to showcase good design in ways that benefit a business. Logos, product packaging, and website design are all visible to customers and are therefore opportunities for visual branding.

These designs should be flexible enough to use in different modes of publication and consistent enough to serve as the recognizable face of a brand.

Designers consider a variety of factors when making branded materials.

Many of these priorities go beyond the experience of small business owners and marketing professionals who do not have graphic design backgrounds.

From color theory and psychology to font choice and proper resolutions for web and print, graphic designers can help a business look its best.

The stakeholders of a business should select a highly recognizable logo and consider distinctive color schemes and typefaces for quick recognition.

Graphic designers can create mockups of different styles of presentation for a brand so that decision-makers can choose the best visual presentation.

It may be advantageous to update branded materials over time to reflect current trends while staying true to an established brand identity.

2. Good Product Packaging Design Increases Sales

Well-designed product packaging can increase sales in brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces.

The retail locations or sites where you plan to sell products can factor into packaging designs.

Successful consumer goods brands typically focus on catching consumers’ eyes and clearly communicating product information and ease of use.

Package design includes the graphic design that appears on the outside of the packaging, as well as the barrier or film materials that may be integrated into packages to preserve perishable products.

Brands should prioritize packaging designs that reflect the values of a business and the purpose and quality of its products.

The sales figures for products that are near-identical can vary widely based on package design.

According to IPSOS, 72% of consumers reported that product packaging designs factor into their purchasing decisions.

Appealing packaging that is convenient and easy to use can make retailers more likely to prominently display products.

End consumers are also more likely to notice products that have well-designed packaging, be drawn toward purchasing these items, and eventually showcase these products in social media content.

3. Well-Designed Websites Are Easier To Use

Graphics are also an important element in web design.

This term refers to any images that appear on business websites as well as the appearance and architecture of sites.

Seer Productions specializes in helping businesses achieve consistent branding across digital channels, from a business website to social media accounts.

The principles of graphic design underlie web design.

Ecommerce merchants may find that conversions increase when sites are simplified to prioritize raising conversion rates.

All of the visual information provided on a website, from images and videos to text, should present a brand and its products in the best light to the most likely consumers.

A business website should have different landing pages for searches that express intent to convert and informational queries.

It is a good idea to anticipate the priorities of potential leads and match page design to the needs of consumers.

User experience and user interface design specialists can make any business website easier to use.

4. Good Design Effectively Communicates Information

Visual presentations of information can be more effective for informing prospective consumers than text alone.

Surveys indicate that over 30% of marketing professionals consider visuals the most important type of content, while 69% of marketers surveyed in 2018 indicated that visual content was either “very important” or “absolutely necessary.”

Research suggests that 90% of the information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual in nature.

Businesses can use appealing combinations of images, embedded videos and relevant text to inform potential leads and repeat customers.

Regardless of which products or services a business sells, good graphic design makes clear communication possible in every appearance in print, social media posts and website content.

While the effective communication of information through visuals may have the cumulative effect of lowering the key performance indicator of time visitors spend on business website pages, potential leads may be more likely to convert based on the ready availability of accurate and helpful information.

5. Well-Designed Pitch Decks Attract Investors

Investor presentations can be great opportunities for a business to show off branded materials.

Attracting new investors directly bears on the growth of a business in ways that go beyond consumer purchasing behaviors.

Seer Production works with businesses to ensure that branding for pitch deck presentations is consistent and appealing.

These visual documents have conventions that businesses can choose to follow or revise based on company culture, the industry and investor expectations.

In general, a pitch deck presentation should include visuals that are consistent with branding on a business website or in other materials.

Graphic design professionals who have extensive experience building pitch decks can recommend the best visual presentation for a startup or small business looking to grow.

Grow Your Business With Good Graphic Design

Good graphical design starts with the fundamentals of branding, including a business logo and any representative or trademarked colors, fonts or messaging.

Enlisting skilled graphic design professionals early in the process can help a business start out with a look and feel that corresponds to its purpose and products and develop a corporate image that is geared toward growth.

Graphic design can benefit every aspect of an enterprise.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a decision-maker at an established company,

Seer Production helps brands effectively incorporate good design into every aspect of operations, from business logos to product packaging and websites that convert more leads into repeat customers.